Iterasion by X and Y input

Dear Python / Dynamo experts,
Is it possible to get iteration from the list below by input value for X and Y and get value from table by iteration.
Result: 5.2

Can you please elaborate on what you want to do?

There is nothing in the Mathematical Dictionary called Iterasion?
Do you want to carry out a Linear Interpolation through Dynamo?

Also posting an image is not going to get your problem solved.
(To be honest, nobody would type in those 120 values from an image and then try to find a solution for you)
Next time try posting an excel sheet or something alike and that will at the least get you started!

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you probably mean bilinear interpolation

you can do this mathematically or geometrically- the below is the geometry approach

I end up with 4.04- not sure how you got 5.2
As @AmolShah says, I’m not going to type in the numbers, so might have made a mistake- but that is the principle

postscript: mine corresponds (nearly) with

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You can get 5.2 when you carry out a linear interpolation between 4.4 and 5.4 taking in the input as 5.8 which doesn’t make any sense since this has to be bilinear.

Well Done.

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