Items missed when rotate

Help!!! I am doing Swing Project referred from When it comes to the last step of rotation like image shown, I want to rotate all items in blue nodes in “Flatten”. However, when in “Geometry Rotate” Nodes, only two lines are validate. The project is complex, so I attach it. Could someone please help me fix it and tell me the reason? Sorry but I need it immediately. Thank you! The file is below named 507!

507 QQ截图20160504030141Capture02

Hi Yebin,

i took a quick look at your script and I am pretty sure that you have a list structure/lacing issue.

What you feed your geometry.rotate note is :

  • multiple curves

  • 2 base planes

  • 1 angle

since the two base planes have the same normal, I don’t really see the poit of using two

then switching the geometry.rotate node’s lacing to longest should be enough :slight_smile:


Thank you MOSTAFA! You help me a lot!