Issues whit node "All Family Types Of Category" from Clockwork

Hi All, First of all it’s my first post here. I have been following the blog for a while but please let me know if i’m going off topic. I’m created this definition some times ago and now the node “All Family Types Of Category” from Clockwork seems not working anymore. This is the first time i tried to use this definition whit Dynamo 0.9.0… I have tried to switch packages version of Clockwork, in order to check if is a compatibily problem but can’t find out what is. Anyone can help me?

Hi my friend!!!

How are you?

About your issue I think you don’t have family types of furnitures. Try with another category like doors. See below

Hi Paolo,

So nice to find you here :), everything is fine. By the way the problem right now is solved. To me was a compatibility problem related related to the previous relases. After removing all the files form older version of clockwork packages and installing dynamo 0.9.1 it’s started to work… thank for you help