Issues Maintaining Item Selection From Drop-Down Node - Selection Not Persistent

This issue occurs in Dynamo 0.8.1 for Revit 2015.

  1. User makes a selection in a node with a drop-down menu (e.g. "Element Types" or "Categories")
  2. User clicks the drop-down menu to browse other options.
  3. User subsequently decides they want to maintain the current selection, so they click off-node somewhere on the canvas so as not to edit the current selection
  4. Despite not having selected a new item from the drop-down list, selection will revert to to the first available item in the list
  5. Data is altered in the graph in an undesirable manner
The desired behavior is that selection is maintained so as not to change the data in the graph. The user should be able to browser other selection options and then click off-node to maintain the current selection should no new selection be desired.

This issue persists in 0.8.2.

This issue persists in 0.9.