Issue with Extract corridor feature lines

Extract corridor feature lines is not working, but why i can’t find the problem. The code is in the model, is in the list at extract feature lines within C3D.

Within C3D:
It’s a long list of feature lines more then 200 codes.

Used CorridorExtensions.GetTkFeatureLinesByCode and Baseline.CorridorFeatureLinesByCode neither one works. Even the Baseline.CorridorFeatureLines gives not all the feature lines. I have tried the next options.

Assembly construction:


error message
It says the key is wrong

Hi @hosneyalaa,

If you take a closer look, you can see that de code “GFA-tcP-r-HS2-UP” can by extracted by the standard C3D function. The code is present.

If it doesn’t work out for you
You can use the mothed
with python code

Can you post the log of the C3D Toolkit ? Maybe there are some clues there

Hi All,

I think the problem is that the node Assembly.GetGroups only reads the Baseline Assembly (“Baseline”) and not the Offset Assemblies (Offset - (11) and Offset - (12)).


I can get the assemblyId.OffsetAssemblies and then the offsetAssembly.Groups. See the link: Working with Assembly Groups | Civil 3D 2022 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

PythonCode_GetOffsetAssembly.txt (3.2 KB)

Two issues:

  • the Offsets group ids are the same? But the names are correct.
  • the Output is not in the correct format, how do i get the right format, like "AssemblyGroup(Name=…)?
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