Issue With "Dimension With Reference" node

I’m working on a dynamo graph that create dimensions from columns faces to nearest grids, using
geniusloci package.
Every thing goes on write way except some columns that have hidden dimensions with negative value which sounds not good, so those dimensions are created but can’t be shown, I don’t know why this could happen ?

@Alban_de_Chasteigner, @Kulkul, or anybody could help me with this problem please ?

Hi @abdallahzakaria,

There is probably an error somewhere in your graph.
304.8 is the conversion of 1 foot in millimeters. (The feets are the internal units for the dimensions.)

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Thanks a lot for your reply, after some troubleshooting I noticed that when I make the Grids in x direction following a naming criteria like numeric naming convention such as 1,2…etc, and Grids in Y direction to follow another naming criteria for example in alphabetic such as A, B,… etc., every thing goes in right way, i don’t know why

It will be appreciated if there is any updates regarding the issue