Issue with CopyByVector node

Hi there,

First off, some background: I’m new to Dynamo. I’m trying to create a program which will automatically create a parking garage structure based on a profile drawn in Revit and several user input values (levels, ramp width/orientation/location, level height, etc.).

Everything having to do with creating the first floor and first ramp goes great. No problems there. However, when I try to copy these two elements vertically, there are always problems. On the first run when opening the program, the first level elements work fine, but the copied levels have a variety of issues depending on how the nodes are set up. Currently, it keeps default length/width values for the ramp copies. On the second run after this, it gives the expected results. Sometimes when making changes after this, it tends to leave copies from previous runs randomly.

I think this must be something to do with feedback loops or the correct elements being copied. I’ve tried every iteration of passthrough and end transaction nodes everywhere and there are always different problems. I just want it to be able to work on the first run, as well as after values are changed.

I’ll attach the code and the ramp.rfa. To use the code, use the architectural template, delete the second level, import the ramp family, and then draw a profile for the structure (~200x100’) before running Dynamo. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

imageParking Garage Test.dyn (113.9 KB)
Ramp.rfa (344 KB)