Element.Copy do not return elements object

<!–StartFragment–><!–EndFragment–>Hi, I’m trying to you Element.copy node to copy a wall. New wall was created in the Revit project but there were null value in the result of the node.

Anyone can help me?.I want to edit some parameter of the new wall but i can not.

please see the snap shot below.




Seems like I made a typo. Change line 28 to

if len(l1) == 1: return l1[0]

And since you’re trying to copy the same element twice, you’ll most likely need a “List.Map” node:

Thanks for your quick answer, Dymitar.

I got it.


Dear @Dimitar_Venkov,

The node “element.copy” seems to work in “cross” status, not “shortest”. For instance, you provide it 4 vectors and 5 elements, it will result 20 copied elements.
Do you have any suggestion for solving this bug?
Thank you very much

I needed that type of functionality back when I originally wrote it. I’ll rework it to be more consistent with Dynamo’s other nodes for the 1.0 SN release.

Edit: also you can use list.combine to override the functionality to what you need to achieve. Ping me if you need an example.

Just to save somebody else a bunch of time - it appears as though Element.Copy is no longer in the spring nodes package.

There is Element.CopyByVector in the Clockwork package which does the same thing.