Issue: Refinery update no longer supporting Number nodes as input in Revit 2020

So it seems there has been a bit of an oversite with the latest update of refinery as it no longer supports number inputs as an inputs and was also getting a msg previously that watch nodes as outputs was also not possible but can’t repeat this issue. So something as simple as give me all the boxes you can with this volume is no longer possible!! Which in turn means my more complex project is not longer working either.

Note i have not had a chance to try this with Refinery in Sandbox mode where i previously had the option of number inputs on a previous version of Refinery.

Code attached:
Refinery nodes not Usable.dyn (14.4 KB)

A number slider should be an easy replacement here. Any reason you aren’t using that?

Because sliders can easy be accidental changed and the user expects to be able to move sliders, where as number panel has to be changed by typing, So is less likely to be edited when the user is moving all the sliders. Also the number could not previously be changed by refinery where as the slider it has the option to control and change it.

Say you have to have a opening calculated as an min open area defined by building regulations this number is set and could be either entered in a number node or coming with other data from excel. As this number is not meant to be edited the last thing you want to do is make it a slider as it should not be changed. Refinery could give you all the openings rectangles that match that certain min area requirement.

This brings up another question is how to give refinery a number from a excel sheet as watch nodes and code blocks cannot be inputs as yet.

If it’s not meant to be changed, and therefore static, then disable the input functionality.

Not sure what you’re after with the excel bit - if the value from excel is read than you can use it in Refinery. No need for any input there as the excel data is static so a value of 2 read from cell b2 is always going to return the same. Am I missing something in your desired workflow?

Ok so got Refinery working as expected now with just sliders and watch nodes. I opened an old code i had used in refinery previously and as Is Input was selected for number node (required area). This had made me think when it failed this time due to input types the workflow would fail. It seems with the latest update of refinery these are not needed for refinery to work so can be disabled

If it makes sense this thread can be deleted now as there is not so much a solution but a understanding of my own workflow or i can just mark my answer as solved.

We’ll leave it open for others to see as if it was confusing to you it may be confusing to others as well. mark whichever post makes the most sense for a ‘solution’ for the next person that may struggle with this.

Glad you’re sorted out. :slight_smile: