Refinery - Revit Node

I am New to dynamo and Refinery. Please bear with me if my following question doesn’t make sense.
Is it possible to set all kind of Revit nodes as “Is Input” and “Is Output”.
And What are all the nodes that can be used for setting “Is Input” and “Is Output” in Refinery

First up: you are asking questions about a beta so things will change. What I say below may not be accurate in a month or two. Now with that said, as of today…

Only number/integer sliders can be input for Refinery. The Revit interactions can not happen in Refinery as you aren’t running in a Dynamo for Revit environment, but a sandbox environment. Open your graph in Dynamo Sandbox as you’ll see all the Revit nodes are unresolved - this is the same context in which which Refinery ‘sees’ your graphs. As such your Revit data which is used upstream in Refinery needs to be fed into a Remember node to be used.

I recommend using Watch nodes which are renamed as your only outputs (in ALL Dynamo uses) so that nodes don’t get renamed (makes it hard to debug later) and your outputs can have an understandable title.

The ‘is input’ and ‘is output’ stuff in the context of Dynamo for Revit is mostly valid around Dynamo Player which does run in a Dynamo for Revit environment, so they are relevant but not to your initial question.

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