No output in Project Refinery

Is it impossible to involve “Data.Import.Excel” nodes inside the function of Project Refinery?
In dynamo, I could modify the input value to generate different outputs.
For example, input = 0, output = 4460

input = 1, output = 5230

However, no output could be obtained after running the generative design.


Did you mark “IsOutput” for watch node?

@Kulkul Thanks for your reply, but I clicked “is Output” already.

I created a simple path to show that the output could work well if “Data.ImportExcel” node is not involved.
I really have no idea about why it doesn’t work with the “Data.ImportExcel” node.

@htmokac Could you connect “ObjectType” node and show me the value?

@Kulkul Sure. Both of them are double

Best to post this to the refinery beta forum.

It may be a failing race condition based on how the excel data is being handled. Try reading all the excel data and serializing it into the graph with a Remember node, and then disconnecting the excel data from the remember node and freezing the now disjointed excel logic flow. Things will likely execute faster this way as well.

FYI @Lilli_Smith