i am facing a problem with Refinery outputs to simulate , i have if someone could give me a hand with my nods

and here the files as well:
Conceptual_Adaptive_Roof_17983.rfa (332 KB)Tower Project.dyn (319.8 KB)

Hi Abdu,

I see in your input that the radius and Floor elevation are to small.
it was only 10 and 5.
So when i increased this input it worked just fine for me. I used (10000 and 2500)

Good luck

i actually using meter unit

Your screenshot is illegible so I can only guess here. Use the camera button in the upper right corner after zooming in so we can read the nodes if this doesn’t solve your post.

I am quite certain all 3 of these are well covered in the Refinery instructions, so you may want to go review the getting started materials.

  1. You need to place a watch node and mark it as an output (right click and choose is output). Might want to rename if you have multiple duplicates.

  2. This is the same as #1, but breaks a different part of Refinery so you get two error messages.

  3. Each name for inputs must be unique so you will have to rename the inputs accordingly.

  4. looks as if you are pulling data from Revit so make sure you are using a Remember node as you go.

i think i have made it , if youhvae time you can check the Dynamo file

thank you

The image is still illegible, but I opened your .dyn in Dynamo. Zoom into a node so you can read it’s contents first next time.

Most of the issues I noted above are present in the Dynamo file though.

  1. No watch node, set as an output and renamed. Therefore Refinery doesn’t have anything to report on so why would it run?
  2. Use of Revit interaction nodes instead of geometry manipulation/calculations. Refinery runs as a stand alone server on your C drive, with no direct connection to your Revit model or the Revit API. You’ll need to rework your graph accordingly. Open your graph in Dynamo Sandbox and these errors will become clear. Use Refinery’s Remember node to resolve these, but your reporting must be via the data that happens before writing to Revit.
  3. There are two sliders labeled as inputs, and they are named uniquely. Use of Revit interaction nodes (floor types, family types) as inputs may trigger this issue so confirm those aren’t inputs.
  4. See #2.

I suggest you go back and review the introductory documentation for Refinery as these are really important concepts that haven’t been taken into account, and you’ll struggle quite a bit if you don’t get a better grasp on them.

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