I am following an example from refinery, it has an component Intersection.CreateIsovist
Do you know if this component is still availble, if not what is the option?


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Download the package LunchBox:


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Also have a look at the SpaceAnalysis package, it has some pretty decent sightline nodes!


I Installed LunchBox but when I search for the tool it is not appearing. Also, the package itself is not displaying in the add-ons but in the manage package it is installed.

Thank you @jostein_olsen Do you know where I can find a few examples?

LunchBox is working Thank you

Have a look in the extra folder in the package location. The easiest way is to open “Manage Packages” press the options button and show root directory.

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I could be wrong, but my recollection is that these isovists are 2D i.e in XY plane only

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Thank you @jostein_olsen and @Andrew_Hannell I am thinking 3D isovist is possible (yet to try), Came across this link though