Isolate model group instances in a view

I am trying to create views that isolate group instances.
For example if I have 3 Groups G1,G2, and G3 and each is repeated - I want to create a 3D views with all the instances .
I used a node from Rhythm to collect group instances by name and a node from clockwork toget the group members , and archi-lab to duplicate a view foreach group name.
When I try to feed these into arch-lab isolate element in view I get an error - "expected element, got list " , the node help describes “input of elements”

Can someone help - what am I missing?

Thanks, Jonathan


I gave it a try and changed the level of the “View” input to @1 and got it to work. Give it a try and see if it’s what you are wanting.

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Hi patrick, thanks for trying.
My situation is slightly different as I have list of group instances to be isolated for each view.
I have changed the view input to use levels and set L1, I got the same error as above - “expected element, got list”

I did a second attempt with model groups; this was my result. Give this a try with the list at levels being at 2 for the element input.