Isolate elements by level

Hi everybody,
i tried to isolate all the object at level, it’s work just for one category but when i select another category or create list to group them together, it isn’t working.
i’m new with dynamo,

Hi Aloshi
When you group your lists together, are you using List.Create? That will create a set of nested lists and I think you want to pass a flat list to the Isolate in View node. You can either use a List.Join node to make a single flat list or you can take the output from List.Create and pass it into a List.Flatten

Hi Zach_Kron,
Thank you so much, it’s work perfectly.

Hi Aloshi,
Could you show me the script for ‘isolate categories in a 3D view’ node? I tried list.create (with several categories) and then list. join for node but its not working? Thanks