List Groupings

Hi im new to Dynamo
But having been creating some new graphs for small items but still a learner
I’m having a Dynamo Issue and a little stuck at a point.
First Example below: Output Successful
Which is more or less the result I require. Giving me the totals of each item
But my input list has the items all in 1 list. Which is then easy to count per Instance as shown.

But My First List I need to Split into parts and then count each Instance and give me a total

Any help will be appreciated I’ve been stuck here for 2 days.

In what way do you want to split the list?
If you want to count the amount of instances you can simply use the count node.

Can you elaborate on what the exact issue is?
This is a simple way of counting items or grouping by function.

So… in the picture above I have a list of instances. that i’m counting and listing one item and how many time that item occurs.
No I want to breakup this list as seen in this picture
but still get same result per group so my end result should be

Alarm Panel =1
42"Display = 1
Single RJ45 Data Outlet = 2

Alarm Panel = 1
Intercom = 1
Wifi Point = 1
55"Display = 1
Single RJ45 Data Outlet = 4
Dual RJ45 Data Outlet = 1
Single RJ45 Data Outlet - Celing Void = 1