Isolating/deleting elements issues


I’m having issues with built in nodes that preform isolating and deleting elements.
The portion of the script we are having trouble with is constructed in a way that a (1)direct shape geometry is created, (2) then isolated along with specific elements from the project, (3) user makes a data-shape input and (4) and finally those direct shape instances deleted. The problem is that isolating and deleting elements fails. It doesn’t even produce errors, it is simply not producing results in Revit. The nodes show perfect execution.
Also, this only occurs on some computers. That got me thinking that Dynamo version could be playing a role here? We are using Revit 2019 and 2.0.x Dynamo. But it is something I hardly expect, since these nodes are pretty basic stuff. They really should be working.

I tried different options, such as adding Transaction.Start and Transaction.End but no luck.

Has anyone had similair issues? Or any other suggestions?
Appreciate any thoughts!