Is there any way to save spaces AND its boundries

I have an rvt model link that a script sets room bounding- and copies spaces and renames them.
But, the linked modell keeps getting updated, and at that point, my spaces looses its dimensions.
I have gotten lines that shows the boundries of the spaces, but they do nothing, they are not interactable, and spaces are not bound by them.
Is there any way to save space dimensions to my model so that their boundings are saved in my model and not in the link?

space_boundries_test.dyn (9.0 KB)

The blue lines are just the Dynamo preview lines
Whats missing is to make these lines space boundaries in the Revit model.
You could place separators with clockwork’s “SpaceSeparator.FromCurve” node and save it in your model.
You can also write the sepatation locations to excel, eg archive them

Thanks for ur answer.
I’ve tried that node, but cant seem to figure out what to put into scetchplane and view in this case

The sketchplane is probably a Level or a named Reference Plane
The view is most likely a planview by that same Level

How are you updating the link? Reloading an updated version of the same model shouldn’t break spaces. They will update with any changes to room bounding elements but that’s about it under normal circumstances. Are your links set to Room Bounding? I agree with @Marcel_Rijsmus that creating your own separation lines is the best way to keep everything “in your model” but it shouldn’t be necessary.

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The linked model is from an Architect… not sure how they are changing it, but it is from archicad. i convert it to a rvt so the space import works perfectly. but if i import it all over again to get the room bounding, i loose the info i put into my spaces.
( I’ve been given the task of finding a fix while its not really me having the problem)

You can make a new model with just the Rooms, and Spaces and link that in and make another new model with those objects when its needed. And make an archive with history
btw. Have a look here

Getting closer,
Think i need to separate things by level to get somewhere, thhis resulted in a few rooms, but far from all, even in the same lvl.

Gettings lines on all levels, and jsut under all levels, but only works on the selected level…

Will have tinkle a bit, and use more of ur package, got them installed, so maybe change the RIE node for one of urs.
Space.Boundary Elements maybe

Ok, so i’ve tinkered a bit and found a way sort of. I have to run the script once per level bu choosing the correct floorplan view.
I couldnt get it to work with several views and levels simultaniously.
If theres anyone that can find a workaround, great. The biggest issue though, is that Dynamo seem to draw the same lines that was chosen the previous time i ran the script.
I have to ctrl+z and rerun for each floor.
If i chhse View 01 (lvl1), run the script, it draws space seperators around all spaces in that floor.
Then if i choose View 02 (that is lvl2) it draws the lines for spaces in view 01 placed in lvl2…
So basically, rerunning the same script with a new element selected, still run the script with the previous curves. I tried putting a Passthrough node from Clockwork infront of all the inputs of SpaceSeparator.FromCurve node, no difference.

Yeah it’s called element binding. @jacob.small wrote a post about that.

What it comes down to is to exit Dynamo after a run or disconnect the first node and run. Then reconnect and run again with the second set.
The elements are still in the memory after the first run and you have to get rid of those.

Ideally, use Dynamo Player and be done with it. If you’re doing stuff many times per model, and won’t want to update the elements created that is.

I see. So the best would be if i could find a way to run it on multiple floors at once? As give a list of views etc. Didnt get it to work earlier though. Maybe som list level issue, i
ll tinker a bit. Unless you know its not possible with these nodes.