Is there any time node that can provide pausing execution of some nodes?

Hi guys,
I was looking for the ways to pause execution of some nodes aiming for simulate construction work sequences for some activities within specified time frame. for example to move a crane from point A to B in which it waits 5 seconds at point A and move to point B then. My problem is finding suitable timer nodes to help me doing that. Would you please suggest some useful nodes or methods to do that?
note: some previous related topics in forum have been deleted and are not reachable any more!
thanks in advance for your help!:slightly_smiling_face:


Use the node “Passthrough”. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for your really quick answer :slight_smile: , I think Passthrough node can postpone execution of a task until other task (Waitfor) executes, right? can I set some time ( 5 seconds for example) in WaitFor part? How?

That’s right, and I’m affraid you can’t with that node.
I haven’t tried yet but I found a node called Time.LasTime and Time.EvaluateLapTime, from Clockwork. That might help? :slight_smile:

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I found the solution by using “Thread.Pause” node. thanks for your help CVestesen :wink:

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