How to run codes one after another

Hi there!

Im new to Dynamo and have been struggling with dividing my workflow into different events in time.


  1. I want to start by printing sheets then
  2. Delete certain elements that are not included in the export
  3. Export

I’ve sorted out how to do those individually but i can’t manage to make it in a certain timeline. I cant start out by deleting as it does right now…

I would be grateful for any advice!


do you try frozen some part of node? :snowflake: :smile:

You’ll probably either want to use a Transaction node or a Wait/Passthrough node.

Transaction nodes break your graph into separate transactions. Wait nodes allow you to “pause” a function, waiting until another function has completed.


Hi Nick_Boyts,
could you (or anyone else) please provide a small example for using the pause/wait function?
I created two groups. Group1 for importing all .rfa from a given directory and group2 for placing the families.
Group2 should start after group1 has finished.
Thanks Andreas

OK, I got it.