Is there an easier way for creating a 'filter' for Different Views

Hi All,
So I’ve created a filter that filters down views, but its a long string of nodes. I was hoping some one might know of a way to compress it or simplify the operation so it isn’t as ugly and well, long. Any Ideas? Still a bit of a newbie to Dynamo. As you can tell from the picture attached (hopefully), I grab all my Electrical Views via categories, then filter using boolean by looking through the view name parameter for a specific word, in the first case, ‘ELECTRICAL’, then repeating the process again to further filter views using the word ‘ZONE’ (which is actually how I filter down to the dependent views only). From there the process repeats, 3 more times using different filter ‘WORDS’ until I have the exact outputs. Is there any way to simplify this? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Use an And (&&) condition to combine all your filters rather than checking them one at a time.

I finally had a chance to test out the && node and it worked like a charm, I’m only replying to the post to say thank you! and to show how I changed the workflow using the && node.

Thanks again, final product is below.