View Filter condition is set to OR by default, need to add filter by AND

HI Guys
I am trying to add two view filters with AND condition but when I am adding it through dynamo the condition is by default set to OR. I could not find any other option to deal with it. Can any one please help me on how to add filter with Condition AND.

@diptajit try Orchid package:

Apology for late reply.
Thanks @tradelie this is the exact one I was looking for except there is one tiny tiny issue. It runs an individual sessions for each filter. Which is why it is little difficult to use it when you are working with a list of filters. In my script this node needs to work with view duplicate node, which throws error each time I run it. Currently I am handling the issue by splitting the script into two part. So it would be great if there is a solution that will work with a view duplicate node.

@diptajit try to use Passthrough node, maybe with a Transaction.End node to order actions in Revit, i.e create views first than filters.

Currently I am generating the view filters first then generating the views and applying the view filters at a separate session. That is ok for me but I can not share this script with my colleges like that. They usually run it through player and it needs to work at one go. That is why I am looking for another solution. Any python script will also work for me.