Is there a way to get this .dyn to renumber the nested piles?

I’m trying to automate and speed up the numbering process of piles. ive included the. dyn i have been playing with but I haven’t been able to find a .dyn that will number nested piles. Anyone have any advice?

l-r&t-b.dyn (29.6 KB)Pile-Auto-Number-with-Spline.dyn (14.4 KB)

Hi @joseph.barberV526R,
Can you please share the nested pile family and a screenshot of what you want to achieve?

Hi @AmolShah,

Please find attached the family and a snip.

the snip depicts how we number our piles, which we populate the “mark” under identity data. Currently we select the piles in order using a 3rd party addin. but I would like to move away from that as It can be quite time consuming.PC2.rfa (400 KB)


There are at least 100 ways I can renumber these piles.
You need to be more specific in explaining us what you need.

But in case if you are just looking to access the nested pile,
rhythm’s ʳʰʸᵗʰᵐ|FamilyInstances.RetrieveNestedComponents node will be the key to your logic to access the Mark parameter

Sorry @AmolShah,

I am just trying to number the piles, using either of the .dyns I have attached above. Our piles are a nested family and currently neither will select the piles only.

I tried the familyinstances.retrievenestedcomponents node but still no luck

@joseph.barberV526R Can you please share what you did and what’s not working?

It’s working just fine for me

Morning @AmolShah,

I managed to recreate your script this morning and added the ability to use a prefix. Thanks for your help.

Is there a way I could add in a node so it starts numbering from a user set number?

@joseph.barberV526R Yes, you can do that by changing the code block to this: