Is there a way to filter by type parameters of all elements in a a single level?

Is there a way to filter by type parameters of all elements in a a single level? I have had success filtering by family parameters with Get.Parameter but it does not dig deep enough into the types parameters within the family type properties.

Search all elements in level 1, If Door-schedule Filter is Checked then pull into list.

Select all elements of category. Filter by Level to get a list of doors on level. Get the family type. Get the Door Schedule Filter Value. Test for being equal to 1. Filter list of doors on level by this bool.


What is the best command to search for Type Parameters? I have not been able to find any tool to pull Type Parameters on Instance Parameters?


Element.ElementType in conjuction with Element.Parameters, the input needs the green box with the Id though


What do you mean the input needs the green box with the ID? Am I missing a setp?

With this I get Warning. Internal Error, Please Report, Dereferencing a non pointer.

Can you do this for only one category at a time or is there a way to select all elements on Level 1 in the same run?

Not every element you selected has that parameter, hence the null values. Selecting all elements at level will do this.

The method you previously posted does this for every category at once in one run. If you want to select things differently look into other selection methods. Check the Revit > Selection set of your library. Archilab and Rhythm both have great selection nodes as well. And Clockwork. And MEPover. And a bunch more.


Hi Bro,
The Warning is null reference warning
Please make sure that all Element Types Contains the Parameter (BIM4FM) even it has no values .so that there will be null values hence the warning can be avoided.
else you filter elements by type and then run GetParameterValueByName node

This is an effective way to filter out elements by Level at least.
I found that this is generally more efficient than getting alle elements of a level and then filtering the specific family you’re looking for.

HI, i made the same steps, the list take all the elements in the project.