My first graph: Filter for Types by parameter then list the Instances

First post, so first things first, hello everyone!

Right, to my query… it’s a fairly common first graph I imagine, but despite extensive reading, similar threads (I’ve found to date) don’t touch on the specific issue I’m having.

I wish to filter my (door) families by a TYPE parameter (that they all have) then concatenate INSTANCE parameters of their respective ELEMENTS.

With a fair bit of (shooting blind) copification I’ve got my graph this far:

When I have the output of the All Elements of Category node connected to the Element.GetParameterValueByName nodes the .dyn works across all (door) elements.
Here is the .dyn saved at that point.
KP-DYN_Concatenate-Door-Properties.dyn (17.0 KB)

But the way my families are built mean that’s too heavy handed.

My confusion lies with with how I can relate the (correctly filtered) results coming out of List.FilterByBoolMask back to the Elements (being fed into the concatenating part) - which is where/when I took the screenshot above.

I suspect it’s something (everything?) to do with lists, but even after 3 goes at the Primer, Lists remain a mystery.

Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated!

NB: I’m keen to make this work OOTB, ergo without custom packages (I know not to dismiss the great community efforts but I fear I’ll never grasps the basics if I jump straight to magic-button-esque nodes) which means THIS POST (that employs Lunchbox) loses me a little.

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If I get it right, you could need to do this:

Gargh, didn’t expect a response so quick & just powered down my work computer (from home) so won’t be able to check until tomorrow - cheers though!

That said; fairly certain when I last tried that (wire connection) the Element.SetParameterByName complained - about what I can’t exactly recall - one time it moaned about an _array input (!?) the other no such parameter (the boolean outut being related to the TYPE where the user-entry string fields pose as INSTANCE parameters) - effectively returning me full circle to original crux of the problem.

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OK, got it: you need to duplicate your List.FilterByBoolMask node to filter your list of elements the same way you filter your families:

@snowyweston FilterByBoolMask doesn’t necessarily need to be fed the same list that is used to generate the mask. The list count will have to be similar, though.

KP-DYN_Concatenate-Door-Properties-20170113-1.dyn (14.9 KB)

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I can’t replicate the situation totally, but I think that in this case, Family parameters are used to generate the new parameter, not instance parameters, that’s why 2 List.FilterByBoolMask are needed…

Apart from the actual issue here, I just want to know how your wires are in straight lines.

View menu / Connectors / Connector type :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot

The new parameter concatenates instance parameters in the file attached in the original post.
Should work as I’ve suggested.

OK, misunderstanding here: Family parameters could be required (it needs confirmation)

In any case, your suggestion would work too.

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Oh my you lot were busy whilst I slept!

Firstly, Vikram, thank you ever so much - your posted rework worked just as desired, processing 1865 doors in just under 50 seconds. V.happy. V.grateful. Kudos…

Secondly, thank you (all) for the extended deliberation on the workings, insight for me (right now) is key!

…now to work out how to turn off thread-post email-notifications & be “me” (snowy) when signing in at work rather than “me at work” (signing in at work) - auto-authentication’s all well and good but I like to keep my forum life to myself… one for Monday mind. WEEKEND!

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