Is my Alias-file still linked to more than one Dynamo-script?


sometimes when I’ve been working in an Alias-file for a time, and I change geometry that a Dynamo-script is based on, and the script runs in Alias (not in the Dynamo interface but just like a history update in Alias), I get geometry results baked into Alias from older scripts or rather, older versions of the script that I’m working on. Sometimes I can get that to go away by fiddling with the saves, but right now I still get those old results every time I move my auxilliary geometry. It seems to me, the old script is somehow baked into my wire file, even when Dynamo isn’t explicitly running. Is that how it works?
So is it theoretically possible to connect my Alias file to more than one Dynamo script, and if so, how do I know which ones are linked to the Alias file at any moment? And how can I break those links?
I have a suspicion that this has to do with me reorganizing my files on Friday. I have my current working Alias file, and the old script, and the new script, all existing at the same time on my harddrive.

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EDIT: I just remembered that Alias sometimes will ask for a “missing” script file, if that has been moved. So there must be a reference to that script somewhere in Alias… I just can’t find where to explore those linked scripts.

@Michael-GG FYI

Yes, Dynamo updates are happening in the background, even if you have not explicitly started Dynamo. This is how it is meant to be. It works using the history mechanism of Alias. So if you look for green (default history color in Alias) objects in Alias, you can select them, and simply execute “Query Edit”. In case that the history is result of a Dynamo script, Dynamo will be started, and the according Dynamo script will be opened. And yes, it is possible to link several Dynamo scripts to one wire file. If you want to break that connection, select the according result objects, and call “Delete History” for those.
Does this work for you?


Thanks for the fast reply.
Yes, knowing what’s going on, I can work with that I think, if something comes up I’ll get back to this thread.

This workflow has a downside though. If I deleted the resulting geometry from an unwanted script (out of confusion for example), there is no way to know that something is still there and will be generated if I touch some of my geometry in Alias. It would be nice to have a little Script-manager or editor-window that tells me which scripts are still linked, even if there is no resulting geometry in the scene at the moment.

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Yes, totally agree, and we are already looking at that, for the exact reason you mention.

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