Dynamo auto-save bug

Hi all;
I’ve noticed a weird behavior in dynamo. when i have dynamo open and connected to Alias session, then if you close the current Alias scene, or just exit it (or worse, it crashed!!!) , Dynamo save the workspace and over-write the current .dyn file with no notification.

Could someone else try it and confirm the issue.
Thank you.

Hi @maxy_13,

Are you able to reproduce this? If yes - could you send a video or any files to reproduce?
I just tried by exiting my Alias session and I didn’t get a crash + the .dyn file did not auto-save.


Hi vfongwm;
I made a small video showing the issue:

Hi @maxy_13,

Thanks for your video. I will log this issue but if you could also provide the files to reproduce - this would help out the dev team.

ALS-4690 - Dynamo auto-save bug

Best Regards,

The Dynamo auto-save bug has been fixed in v2019.2:

Dynamo improvements

  • Dynamo now supports Alias 3D navigation clutch keys. You can use your mouse to tumble, track, or dolly (zoom) your view in Dynamo. This navigation setting is enabled by default under Settings > Navigation settings.
  • We added a Tutorials content section to the Dynamo Resources page. This section includes links to the Dynamo Computational Design webinar, as well as video tutorials from our Dynamo for Alias YouTube channel.
  • We updated the Dynamo sample files to include demo files from the Dynamo Computational Design webinar. You can download Dynamo sample files and other Alias 2019 sample files here.
  • Dynamo now prompts you to save your changes when you close Dynamo or Alias during an active, modified history connection between the two products. This enhancement prevents Dynamo from automatically overwriting your history when Alias or Dynamo closes.
  • When you send geometry from Alias to Dynamo, the Send button is only enabled to send geometry once. The Send button is then disabled, and the geometry is unselected.
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