Explode DWG in Revit

Does anyone have any advice on how I might explode a dwg down to its last explosions using Dynamo, I am working on converting some DWG libraries to Revit geometry just checking some different options!

The import function works fine I just cant find anything on how to explode the DWG once it is in Revit.

Import DWG|629x500

@jonny.pye I am going to say that I think the LAST thing you would want to do would be to explode an AutoCAD drawing in Revit. Exploding DWG files in revit creates lots of things in the file that you do not want and only make the file larger.

Using the Pick Lines command from within Revit to “re draw” your details and using detail components will go much further and be a lot better than exploding.

Thanks Tom, I know its not an ideal workflow and re-drawing will be the preference in any circumstance but I am still interested to know if I am able to explode Via dynamo.

They are 3D Autocad files.


There are a couple of packages which will re-build cad lines as native Dynamo geometry… Bi-Morph and Link Dwg… it’s cleaner, but slower than exploding.

Good luck,