How to choose a profile from revit family and sweep it along a curve?

I have been creating a curve with imported points from Excel and trying to sweep it with a profile I created in Revit. I can sweep a profile on Dynamo for example a circle I designed on Dynamo but I can not do it with a family from Revit. Could you please help?

A bit confused on what your getting at, do you want to array a family a long a curve that you made?

Hi Joe,
Yes I would like to array a family along a curve that I made.

I am interested in this as well. any ideas?

So this is what I use.

The way it was is that I select an element in revit an arc or polyline typically and then the family I want to place along that element.

the way it works out the points of the array is by using the " 0…1…#A " this basically means from start to finish of the array path and the A is the number you set for how many elements you want along the curve.

Instead of having Dynamo select the path from an element inside Revit just use dynamo geometry to create the path and replace the nodes.

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Thanks Joe!