Is it possible to prompt pickpoint in Revit from Dynamo

Is it possible to prompt the user to pick a point in Revit from Dynamo and return the picked point in Dynamo?

Hi Koz,

Are you looking for something like this?


Thanks for the reply Kulkul, but this is not what I am looking for.
I intend to enable users pick a point on the plan and then create or detect rooms from that point. It is very possible that the point is picked in an empty region inside a room.

I managed to get it done by using Selection.PickPoint method from APIUI.

Can you share your solution. So that next time if anyone face similar issue they can find solution in your topic. Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is the code, quite simple and I have added the option to display TaskDialog to inform users about picking the point.


This is an simple App made by this concept

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neat, you should be able to do something similar with a UI node if you wanted (like the selection nodes shown), so the button could be integrated into the node.

This is really helpful. Is it possible to pick up a point on a drawing sheet using this script ?

In future can you start a new post and reference to the older ones, just to maintain topic information consistency, as this one is quite old.

Refer here for an additional response, Is it possible to prompt pickpoint in revit section view from dynamo?

I am new to Dynamo. How to change this solution to fit with Civil3D?

To enable picking points or picking/selecting obejcts in AutoCAD, please try nodes in UI branch in LinkDWG or LinkDWG2 package.