Is it possible to learn Dynamo by watching Grasshopper tutorials?

There is a wider range of Grasshopper tutorials available online, can you follow them to learn Dynamo, or would you only run in to problems, if you are new to Dynamo and have no experience using Grasshopper ?

I think that would be about as useful as watching Archicad videos to learn Revit. - Two different software tools and ecosystems. They can do many of the same things, but each does it using different User Interfaces, different tool sets, etc. I had no Grasshopper experience when i learned Dynamo.

Lots of people have successfully taken grasshopper knowledge they already had and transitioned to Dynamo, but they likely had a good understanding of the underlying principles of visual scripting and computational design, and that was what successfully translated over to using Dynamo. If you goal is to learn Dynamo and you don’t know either tool - research and learn Dynamo.

Have you looked at
Or all the videos at (link at the top of this page):

Go thru the exercises in these links. As you need help - research the forum first for an answer, then ask a question if you still have not found an answer (many of the common learner questions have been answered here in the past…).