Where can I learn Dynamo from scratch?

Hello im trying to learn dynamo by myself, reading in this forum, youtube, etc. But i find really hard for me to understand some concepts, i dont know if this is because im not a programmer, im architect. I m Always looking for modeling faster. Recommend me a good course step by step to understand how this programm works. Thanks.

Start with dynamo Primer or Autodesk University




Thank you, for the advise, as a beginner my mistake was to skip the basics.

I would say a good majority of Dynamo users here are non programmers. However, it does required a different set of critical thinking, once you start building workflows from tutorials and reverse engineer them, you’ll begin to develop those skills. Just be persistent in your learning and keep testing out different things.

Aussie BIM Guru has a great youtube channel for learning Dynamo - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCry22yTdpgEDdzIZig7NSMQ
Linked in learning has some good tutorials for intro to dynamo same as lynda.com.


Thats the key persistent. i already checked and suscribed to the Aussie BIM Guru channel. Thanks.


Has some good and practical tutorials focus on MEP design.

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As a beginner myself I found diroots youtube tutorials excellent and provided a very good foundation to manipulate geometry

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One thing that helped me become more comfortable with Dynamo and how Dynamo tends to like things layed out, was surprisingly fun: mess around with Dynamo.

Seriously though, I found that after getting the hang of the basics, just re-creating tasks that I would normally do manually helped to further cement concepts and methods in my memory.

One of those “Rome wasn’t built in a day by fish” kind of things, I suppose. The better you understand the basics, the easier complex graphs/scripts are to develop. You won’t have to think so much about how to set up your list of inputs correctly, and can therefore spend more brain power on things like improving the efficiency of your graph/script after your first draft.

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