Dynamo Learning for Beginner

Where I should stary learning dynamo, I am very much beginner. Please help

On Youtube there are many videos. Take a look there.

Thanks ,Do you recommended any one.

Do you have Lynda account? There you can find some good stuff.

Youtube is a good place to start for sure. However the Primer is a good thing to read through as it covers the super basics as well. Youtube will show you have to do something, whereas primer will help you understand how data can be managed.

Another thing to bear in mind with the Youtube examples/sample is that some might be out of date. As packages/node names change over time.



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Thanks for suggestion Ben

These are some of the free resources out there, linkedin Learning and thinkparametric are two commercial options .

also look at this https://www.autodesk.com/autodesk-university/au-online?query=Dynamo


I would recommend just trying something! The best way to learn dynamo, at least for me, is trial and error.
Also i use the Forum a lot!


I found Aussie BIM guru’s videos to be really helpful. You can try the Learn Dynamo playlist on his channel.

How to get certification?

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