Is it possible to get the location of a detail filled region in Dynamo?


I would like to find the centroid of a detailed filled region, but I can’t find a node that does that. I guess there is no geometry associated with a detail filled region? I used Element.Geometry, but get an Empty List.


Filled Regions have a boundary line geometry. Depending on the shape of it it might be an Array of curves or 2d Array (Array of Arrays). There are ways to extract those, but involves some nifty Revit API work. Dynamo out of the box doesnt have this ability.



Bummer. But thanks for the reply Konrad.


I did this before for one of the workflows that I was working on, so I should have some code to get you started. I am at work now, but I can post it over the weekend if no one answers it before then. You mind sharing exactly what the expected outcome is? Filled Region element? Filled Region Boundary curves? What are you going to use them for?


Wow Konrad! This will teach me to check the message board more often! I haven’t tried it out yet, but it looks like what I was hoping to do. As you say, I thought if I could create a surface from the filled region, I could get a center point and place text there! Thank you!


Works great. Thanks Konrad!