Filled region from room

Hey guys, this is probably a simple problem, but I’m struggling.

I want Dynamo to draw a filled region on a view in the exact spot where there is a room. I tried to use Room.Boundaries and FilledRegion.ByCurves nodes, but the first one gives an empty list instead of curves. Is there any other node that can do this? Preferably I’d like a solution without writing anything in Python, but I won’t be picky.


Try room Finish boundary or Room.CoreBoundary of Room.CenterBoundary
can you show youre input in room.boundaries?

@LOESCH_PK Can you post a camera export of the full dynamo graph? I haven’t seen the room.boundaries node act like that before.

@Nico_Stegeman Thank you! The Room.FinishBoundary did the job. It gave a correct set of lines from which the last node was able to make the filled regions exactly where the rooms are.


@JacobSmall The Node was fed with a list of room elements (Room [IDnumber]). Maybe something with my version of Dynamo, od one of the node packages is wrong (most of them are new, and I always experience old nodes not working when I upgrade Dynamo), or that node is just obsolete?
Anyways the full graphs looks like this (It’s the one you helped me with recently). The part we’re discussing is in the top, now, I’ll just have to apply It for every apartment in the project :slight_smile:

Long as you’re up and running them things are good. :smile:

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