Is it possible to ADD parameters to a family?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to add parameters to a family.

For example. If you have a mass which is defined by points. The idea is when you bring the family into revit from dynamo and choose the mass these points will be visible in the properties dialogue box.

I’m considering the possibilities for scheduling and the next step would be to include these coordinates in a schedule.


(These parameters would be visible but not editable in revit but this isn’t paramount.)

Any feedback would be great!


i dont know if i understand what you are for.

if you have mass objects with a defined number of corners the solution is more or less easy.

first create a set of parameters to hold the coordinates

secondly extract the corner points

tx to zach;-)








then assign the list of points to your parameters



Thanks for your response. This is great and I now understand this workflow which will be useful.

My original question was dealing with the mass once it’s in Revit (In a project environment) Which I failed to mention.

I was wondering when you choose the object while in a revit project could these co-ordinates be viewed as instance parameters. However this may not be an efficient workflow. (I wasn’t thinking clearly)


Thanks again for your response it will be helpful and supersedes my original question.








in my example the mass is in revit. the corner points are extracted from the revit mass.

what you can do is to create a parameter called “Corners” and to this parameter you assign your list of corner points

could look like:

Corners: (0,0,0) (0,1,0) (1,1,0)…

other solution (for drawings - more effort but more beautiful) write your corners to excel and import a pdf in your sheet



Thank you.