Irregular polygon from a series of lines

Hi community, I have been trying to model an irregular closed polygon in dynamo with Line.ByStartPointDirectionLenght node. However I have couldn’t concatenate the segments of lines in a sequence of lines for built the polygon, till this point the lines generated are correct in terms of the angle and length, but all lines have the same start point.
Anyone know how to define that the start point of the next line is the end point from the last one?


Are you trying to create a shape like this?

If so, what about after creating your four curves to get only the Endpoints (assuming they are creating outwards from the Origin).
And then creating a polycurve by points representing the polygon.

Hi @Daan, thank for your answer.
What I need is to recreate the process of topographic trace, where the input is a length and an angle following the site procedure you have to start the second trace where the first ended and so on until the n trace.
So the origin on a line trace is the end point from the previous trace.
For the example that shared before, the result must be like this image.

What about first creating a PolyCurve by those 4 corner points and then getting the individual curves from which that PolyCurve is build from?

Using PolyCurve.ByPoints and PolyCurve.Curves