Invoking Dynamo "Save As"

I am trying to figure out how to incorporate a python script to run (automatically / setting .dyn to Automatic) such that upon opening the graph in Dynamo, the “Save As” dialogue is immediately opened (preferably opening directly to the folder where the central model, or non-workshare-enabled / standalone model lives, which I have sorted already, at least in the graph itself), prompting the user to (before even commencing work) save the .dyn where (and with the name) they want.

Is this possible? If so, how do I invoke that in the Dynamo environment? Many thanks!

Revit API shows that it is possible starting in Revit version 2016 and on.
Using it requires a UISaveAsOptions as well.

All of this would be done in a python or zero-touch node in Revit. Unfortunately I am not good enough at either to do this right now, but hopefully someone here can.

Edit: There is another version of SaveAs in 2015 as well as newer versions, but slightly different and doesn’t require a UISaveAsOptions.