Intersection of all geometries (list curves input, list points output)

Hi all,

I am trying to get something which I felt was simple, but may not be unless I am missing something. I am simply trying to compare a list of curves (varying sizes, but in general, all curves against all other curves), but the result is either a single point that does not achieve the desired result, or nothing.

The image below shows what I mean. I tried testing with just a simple, line vs array of lines that are just lines and arcs, but the result is an empty list, even though everything is planar (tested and flattened and everything in all aspects).

I have tried to use Geometry.IntersectAll as well, with the same result.

I have tried to make all those arrayed lines into planes, also same result. Does dynamo have capability to just do a mass check of all curves within a list against each other (even if inefficient), or a check of all curves against a separate list of curves to identify intersecting points, or does this have to be done by hand?

For context, the end result are not as simple as all these lines, but there are many curving sections that we still need to identify and plot intersections of and I was hoping its somehow possible.


@eugene.stolberg Have you tried changing the lacing to Cross Product ?

No I did not try that. And changing it to that worked….I can’t believe I forgot such a simple thing. Thanks Vikram.

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