Intersection identify

Hello everyone,

For this DY, I want to insert the new ID into the specific categories, like Room…

When I increase the identification cube, I successful to separate the intersection with A, B and unknown.
While I kindly want to improve my program that also use the “volume” to compare give the large one with A or B.

However, I got the stock, at the final part because I really filter the large one, but do not know how to let the program understand which one intersection from whom. So I could not finish this concept.

Please help me or give me any others idea to solve problem.

Dynamo Vision. 1.x
Revit 2019



Filter0304.dyn (43.9 KB)
Filter test.rvt (3.8 MB)


Apologies, I’m not certain that I understand your problem, but maybe this helps?



Filter0304-MKA.dyn (54.9 KB)