Intersection count among lines and surface ticken

hello i have a little problem: i created a space design generator study in which I created colored blocks that schematize the arrangement of the rooms inside a container. I am doing the study related to direct light for each room and to do this I traced lines projected on the wall with the windows from the centers of the rooms and to count all the rooms that receive direct light I thought of creating thickened surfaces (using the node surface ticken) from the base surfaces of the rectangles and after which count with the node `` count all false ‘’ all those geometries that intersect or not the lines starting from the center of the rooms, however 4 of the 10 rooms are also included in the count which should not be included in the study because they are service rooms and therefore I have not drawn any line from them that is projected on the wall containing the windows. In the attached image you can clearly see how there is 1 fuchsia cube that does not receive sunlight because it intersects another one, therefore on a tot of 6 rooms it should count only 5 in the output instead I find 9 so it also takes into account the other rooms. … how can I solve this problem? thank you