Internal edges flat surface

Does anyone know a way to get rid of the internal edges of this flat surface?
I allready tried to rebuild the closed curve from the end points but it makes no difference.

@l.dorrestijn ,

are you sure, is it flat ?

what does the Z.Values say ?

you could override the Z.Values with “0.0”



all the Z values are 0.000

@l.dorrestijn ,

where do you extract the values ?
Element.Geometry ?

floors, rooms, ?

from autocad Polylines

@l.dorrestijn ,

which packages do you use ?

these ones ?


Link DWG, but i don’t think the problem is in the DWG. I used flatten on the faulty lines and it does not maken any difference. Also the other surfaces are from the same drawing

@l.dorrestijn, can you share this dwg?

do you think it is in the DWG? if i create a floor from the lines and then get the top surface of that floor it gives the same result.

How can i tell you something wthout initial dwg data?
Maybe it’s different Z values of line’s vertices.

DWG faulty surface.dwg (784.5 KB)
i gave the faulty polyline a solid hatch, the others are translated correctly

Try to do this:

getting it trough the hatch solves the issue. thanks a lot.