Interface for "Script Execution" and Input validation


I have been creating scripts for “every day” Revit usage, things like pushing parameter values from one param to another, doing calculations, etc. It could be really useful for Dynamo to have the ability to do two things:

  1. Give us a Script Execution mode. I would be able to define which inputs I want to show up in a simple list. The user executing the script would see this list of inputs, adjust accordingly and simply hit “run”. If there are errors or something doesn’t work as expected, there is an option to go into “advanced mode” or something and troubleshoot the script.

  2. With this, we would need some additional infrasture to “comment” certain script nodes as inputs, and organize them more logically in the visual interface.

Thanks for all you guys are doing! I love dynamo, find it very useful. I realize this idea may not fit with the concept of dynamo, but realistically I’m finding very few people have the time or drive to learn dynamo. However, they are perfectly capable of understand what it does, how to open a script, modify a few values and execute the script.