Interactive Dynamo Public Roadmap

Kia ora everyone :wave:

We have just added a Dynamo Public Roadmap link to the Dynamo Website, so come check it out! You can find it along the header bar of our website.

There are three sections on the Roadmap:

  1. :dove: Released = Features that have already been released, organized by Dynamo version and starting at 2.17
  2. :paintbrush: In-Progress = Features that are currently in development, either landing in the next release or longer in nature.
  3. :thinking: Under Consideration = Features that are currently being considered for development. Items here are chosen based on user feedback, wishlist items, technological ability and overall Dynamo North Star.

You can “vote” on each item in the Under Consideration bucket to have your 2-cents. This, along with Wishlist items from…, and tonnes of User Research help informs what we do! :star_struck:

You can also “Submit a New Idea” should you have one that we will evaluate against all other ideas to synthesize the path forward forward for Dynamo.

Please note that as with all development, things are subject to change, so please don’t make any purchasing decisions based on prospective features :blush:


Hello I hope one day there’s an integration of Dynamo in Navisworks and be able to manipulate search sets, clash tests and grouping clashes. Also better interoperability between Navisworks and BIM 360 model coordination

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@ruben.romero can you please use the Submit New Idea link in the Roadmap above :smiley: ? It’s how we can collate it smartly in ProductBoard so that it can get seen by others and ranked.