Dynamo Public Roadmap

Today marks the day we put out the Dynamo Public Roadmap - hosted on our Github Wiki.

For the first time in a very long time, you can get some insight into what we are working on right now, our thoughts on future direction and where we see Dynamo evolving :raised_hands:

Come have a read at: https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/wiki/Dynamo-Public-Roadmap

If you have any feedback then feel free to reply here! We welcome any and all commentary. Also - the Dynamo Roadmap Logo was created entirely in Dynamo :nerd_face: which you can access here: PublicRoadmapLogo.dyn (88.4 KB)


Yay roadmap logo!


Great work Team Dynamo- this kind of transparency is rare in the Autodesk world.
Other development teams- please take note…!

I see that the lawyers have made you put in the disclaimer that it is not a guarantee of the future- this is fair enough (& possibly goes without saying for a roadmap…)



Dear Dynamo-Team

Thanks a lot for the roadmap. Could you also give us some insight into the future of Ironpython 2.7.x in combination with dynamo given that the ironpython project is not really active anymore? Are you planning on supporting python 3 in the near future, maybe incombination with PythonNet for DotNet-integration?

Thanks a lot

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Hello @Ma_Ku,

We have just updated to IronPython 2.7.9 in the latest release (Dynamo 2.4) and as you’ve noted this is where it stops currently as IronPython 2.X is discontinued and IronPython 3.0 isn’t ready yet.

We’re currently exploring the best way to support Python 3 inside of Dynamo - looking at retention of the current system and augmenting with a new node to expose Python 3 and are considering all available options, inclusive of PythonNet.


FWIW, maps can be fun to animate.



Share? :grinning:

Whipped it up for a webinar and figured it was a ‘do this once and never look back’ thing, so needless to say it’s an illegible mess. I’ll try to clean it up tomorrow night and will post whatever I have then.

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