Inter-Related Number Sliders

Has anyone ever managed to find a method to have two or more number/integer sliders that are effected by moving just one slider. As an example I have three sliders and my overall total is 20.

Scenario A:

Slider 1 = 15

Slider 2 = 3

Slider 3 = 2

Total = 20

Scenario B:

If I slide Slider 1 to change the value of it to 10, is there a way of sliders 2 and 3 automatically reacting to this and readjusting their figures to ensure the total stays at 20. The tricky part of this is I want the ability to alter all three sliders individually and the other two react accordingly.

Hope that makes senseā€¦

How much would you expect slider 2 and 3 to change in your given scenario? I wish sliders allowed input.

Hi Mark,

I think its possible but only slider 2 will change other slider 3 will not change.