Variable inputs for slider bounds


Is there a way to use outputs from a different slider to control the minimum and maximum bounds of an integer slider? I am working on a parameterization problem and controlling the slider bounds as variables would work best in this instance.



Hi Jessica

Dynamo’s slider can’t do it by itself, but you can easily achieve something this using a few other components (or a few lines of code) by manually clamping the number between a range, like this. Example attached




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Gui Hi,
It says link cannot be loaded. Can you upload or edit the link again? I have the same question.

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I no longer have this file, but I can describe it to you.
Make a python node with 3 inputs, 0, 1, and 2, where:

  • 0 is your number
  • 1 is your min bound
  • 2 your max bound

Python Code

#python code
num = IN[0]
min_bound = IN[1]
max_bound = IN[2]    

if num < min_bound: 
    return min_bound
if num > max_bound: 
    return max_bound
return num