Global Parameter Odd Behavior

I am trying to control a Global Parameter. When I use the Number Slider node, it works fine. When I try a Code Block or Number node, the parameter does not respond when I change the value. Any ideas what is going on?


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What is the Parameter Type? Integer or Number?


Changing the value in the Code Block from 15 to 15.00 works. What is the difference between the output of the Number Slider and Number nodes?

I am not too surprised that the 15 doesn’t work in the Code Block because that would be an “INT”, but I am confused about the number node not working.

Glad you got a solution!

But wouldn’t the Number Slider set to 15 be considered an integer as well?

Actually, I’m not quite there yet. The input I am feeding into the Global parameter value is currently 15 (for example). It seems I need to force it to at least one decimal place for it to work. I don’t see any nodes that do that.

I tried this Python Script but it only works with a list of inputs. It doesn’t work with a single value.

Based on this, it does seem like the “Number” node should not be producing an INT even if it has trailing zeros, but here is the proof.

Could this work for you then?


Yes, that works. I didn’t think it would because it didn’t display the decimals in the output. Thanks!

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