Institut du monde arab, lenses open and close with the sun

Hey I am currently trying to construct the lenses of the facade of the institut du monde arab and to react to solar radiation with the help of dynamo (opening and closing). I have 2 questions about that.

  1. How can I fix / rotate the individual elements that open and close on a pane? I tried the angle function but I think there are better options.

  2. Is there a ready-made script which I could use for the solar radiation reaction?

I’d be happy for help!

best regards

Hi @Mlutz welcome to the forum!

For the first question, Could you share the family you are using to the lense? I will check it and offer you what I think is the best option to do it.

For the second question I recommend you these example exercise on dynamo primer. It will probably help you to adapt it to your specific situation.

Best regards!

Thanks for the feedback!

here is the file, but not much has happened yet:
(I don’t know why, but somehow I can’t attach files)

It should be a facade element to which the lens adapts itself best to the size of the element (with a formula or similar). At the moment you still have to adjust the iris size yourself.

Constructively, I actually imagine it as follows:
(at the end of course linked to dynamo and not in “real life” as in the video)

in my family it is simplified because I already have problems with the individual blades. That’s probably why it stays so simplified. It would be nicer if the mechanism worked as in the video (disc rotates).

Greetings, Melina! :slightly_smiling_face: