Instances vs. System Family elements

I have the following definition using the Select by Category package, basically trying to turn off all enable analytical model parameters. I have done it successfully with Structural Columns, but system families seem to be another story (namely: walls, floors). Any idea of how to get this to run successfully?

I see...The Get Parameter node works. Thanks for the help!

you want to try the more general get parameters node which gets from elements, not the family instance parameter node.

Yep, that should definitely work with the built-in Get Parameters node.

Trying to work with area parameters of Room objects, example below using the LunchBox Room Element Collector.

Sorry read your last message too fast.

What parameter are you trying to get? The Get Parameters node works with system families, too. So if it doesn't work for you, it might be a bug.

Thanks Michael. I am now trying to “get” parameters, but similar to the set parameters issue, it doesn’t work with system families. Not sure the id would be helpful in my case but I’ll check it out.

Andreas has a package that gets element ids from elements or gets elements from their ids, look for it on the package manager.

What about a Get Element Parameters node that works w/ system families? Would that be too hard to implement? Cheers!

I've found a couple of walls that don't switch the structural property on... like element ID 190255

I also noted that the list from the definition has 33 walls, when only 32 are present in the model, which I think may have something to do with this.

It would be great to have a node that pulls the element ids, to make this kind of troubleshooting easier. Thanks for your help!

very interesting, if you look at your walls in your project after running the definition. it actually changes all walls to be structural at 1 and the inverse when you set your Boolean to 0. what i think its doing is having issues in the background with an analytical read only parameter. i will have to write a catch in to ignore this so the warning doesn't pop up. for now i would assume you can continue using the node and let me know if any other warnings pop up!

my next node that i am working on is the ability to filter a list of category elements by parameters so you can grab all walls on level 1 for example...will let you know when that's available!


I am posting my project file and definition here for your review:

not sure why this isnt working for me. i just tested it and it seemed to work fine. not sure why your flattening the list, but you dont have to, although i tested it both ways and it works either way.

Seems to work for some but not all walls in a test project.

what parameter are you trying to access specifically? could you send me a few snapshots of your script and warning?

I will try and look into this over the weekend. There might be something special to add to account for analytical categories.

Thanks! I am testing and it seems to work well. For some things like Walls -> Structural and Enable Analytical Model parameter, I am getting an error for Read Only parameter, but will keep investigating.

once i start getting into the development more i will be able to set up packages for deployment. let me know if you have any questions or issues.


I am new to working on the back end of Dynamo, but i was able to successfully re-write this set family instance parameter to allow you to grab system families and set any parameters. put the attached files into C:AutodeskDynamoCore folder and replace existing.